Channel Islands

Overnight Fishing on the Pacific Islander - June 9, 2012

by Steve Virtue Pacific Islander Sportfishing

June 9, 2012

The private charter for today’s trip all showed up a little early and full of enthusiasm (some were fuller than others).  We managed to depart a few minutes early to get in line to load up on live squid that the Traveler captured close to home.  Once topped off with live bait, we made our way to Santa Rosa Island for a day of fantastic fishing.  First thing in the morning one lucky angler caught a very nice White Seabass about 18 lbs., but nothing exotic after that.  So off to the rockfish grounds, fishing most of the day in 240 feet of water the fish really enjoyed our fresh bait offerings.  Nice limits of high quality reds and chucks were had by all.  We are out again tonight being tanked with live squid it should be a great trip.  Till next time.  We look forward to seeing you on the water.  


Overnignt Fishing on the Pacific Islander  Overnignt Fishing on the Pacific Islander