Channel Islands

Channel Islands Fish Count, Fish Report for June 18, 2012

by Channel Islands Sportfishing Staff

The Halibut are biting! Wow! And the White Seabass are back in the counts strongly again.

We have reports of HUGE halibut, 30, 40, 50lbs!

Ranger 85 California Halibut Channel Islands  Pacific Islander Fishing Halibut

The water has warmed up and so has the fishing! We've had Yellow Tail in the counts daily now and lots of Calico bass.

Pacific Islander Fishing Calico Bass

Here's a link to today's Fish Counts.

The Overnight and 2 day trips have been successful and lots of fun. If you've never tried one of those, you might want to consider it. it's an opportunity to see another part of the beauty and get in on some fun fishing! The kids love em too!

     Ranger 85 White Seabass Channel Islands      Ranger 85 White Seabass Channel Islands


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