Channel Islands

Shallow Water fishing report on the Pacific Islander for October 2012

by Steve Virtue Pacific Islander Sportfishing

October 28, 2012

This past weekend aboard the Pacific Islander, was some of the best weather and fishing that has occurred in a long time. With northeast winds in the forecast, it sure made for beautiful flat calm ocean.  Fishing mainly in shallow water proved to be phenomenal for big lingcod and sheep head, large whitefish and quality rock fish. 

                           White Fish on the Pacific Islander         Ling Cod on the Pacific Islander

Using light tackle 20-25 lb. test on a light rod with 4-6 ounce sinker and also small irons as well as swim baits was extremely fun for all involved.  The boat will be running these shallow water trips on Fridays through the end of the year. 

                                   SheepHead on the Pacific Islander

On all other trips we plan on staying in 180 feet or less, depending on conditions.  This time of year is the best weather for fishing the northern Channel Islands and this is a great way to spend a day with typically light loads and great fishing. 

Till next time!

Look forward to seeing you on the water, Steve.

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