Channel Islands

Cisco's report and whoppers of the week April 12th

by Mike Thompson Channel Islands Sportfishing Staff

Cisco's - Channel Island Sportfishing Center Oxnard

Whopper's of the Week:

  1. Dallas Jensen from Payson Utah, 32lb White Seabass on a full day trip with Capt John Sudac on the Cobra. (dropper loop frozen whole squid)
    White Seabass Fishing on the Cobra
  2. Nate Jensen from Payson Utah, 25lb White Seabass on a full day trip with Capt John Sudac on the Cobra. (dropper loop frozen whole squid)
    Fishing White Seabass on the Cobra
  3. Nate Greenstein from Santa Barbara Ca, 35lb Yellowtail on a 3/4 day trip with Capt Mike Riddell on the Erna B. (dropper loop frozen squid strip)
    Yellowtail Fishing on the Erna B
  4. Albert Maida from Bakersfield Ca, 27lb Yellowtail caught on a full day trip with Capt John Sudac on the Cobra (dropper loop live mackerel)
    Fishing Yellowtail on the Cobra
  5. Jack Hackney from Ventura Ca, 12lb Lingcod caught on an overnight trip with Capt Steve Virtue on the Pacific Islander (red/green Cribb's Jig)


The end of yet another solid week of fishing the Channel Islands has come and gone. Everything related to bottom fishing for Red Snapper, Lingcod and other Rockfish species held strong. Just about all boats are coming back with limits of bottom fish at the both local islands, Anacapa and Santa Cruz. If your looking for spring game fish, Anacapa Island seems to be the most consistent location to catch a big "home guard" Yellowtail or White Seabass. We have even been seeing a few Halibut caught at Anacapa as of late. On the overnight front at Santa Rosa and San Miguel Island, all the outer islands are still loading up on big Red Snapper and Lingcod. Heavy jigs like the Salas PDQ or PL68 are working well for some of the nicer Lings. The Ahi Assault jigs are working great as well. If not heavy jigs, maybe try the big plastics like the 7" Candy Bar Slider teamed with a 6oz or 8oz jig head. We recommend our outer island/overnight anglers have an assortment of these in there tackle box. Everyone is excited for the upcoming week of fishing. The game fish at the local islands are showing up more and more each day and starting to bite with a little more regularity.

A fun story to end this week's report - We had a group of anglers come all the way from Payson Utah to go fishing with us in hopes of catching a big fish. The evening before the trip they came in to our tackle shop hoping to get a few tips and pick up the tackle needed to give them the best chances of getting a bite. I hooked them up with fishing licenses for the two adults and sold them what I thought would be the best tackle for there fishing trip. During a nice conversion with them I gave them some advice about what they may expect and what to do if, and when that big bite comes. The next morning three generations of the Jensen family found themselves on board the Cobra with a hand full of other anglers at Anacapa Island. Captain John Sudac had expressed interest in targeting Yellowtail first thing in the morning, so he and his crew member Keith rigged everyone up and started fishing. First bite of the day was at the end of young Dallas Jensen's rod. After taking him around the boat a couple times he landed a plump White Seabass that weighed in at 32 pounds. Mission accomplished for the Jensen family right? ..not done yet.. Next bite was on the Grandfather's rod, Steven Jensen. He was not about to let this fish get away, and after a quick fight he landed another nice White Seabass weighing in at 25 pounds. Some time passed with no bites, so the captain made a short move and almost right away another Jensen family rod goes off! This time its the grand daughter Cassidy hooks up and catches a 20 pound Halibut. Already an amazing day for the family from Utah, they continued to fish through out the day catching Red Snapper, Sheephead and several of those feisty Whitefish. There captain said that this trip was one of the best of this young season. Not just because of the few Seabass and the Halibut caught in the morning but the bottom fishing was nothing short of outstanding that day. Upon arriving back at the landing and finding out that the Family I had spent so much time with the evening before talking about this trip had caught ALL of the big fish on the boat that day. The smiles on there faces as they intently told me the story and showing me the photos of the day, it's story's like this that make working in this industry so rewarding. It was such an amazing and heart warming story that I had to share with all of you. Thanks for reading and tight lines!

Halibut fishing and White Seabass fishing Channel Islands