Channel Islands

Epic Yellowtail Fishing in the Channel Islands!

by Channel Islands Sportfishing Staff


Whoppers of the Week:
1) Dave Valenzuela - Ventura caught a 45lb Yellowtail on the Mirage.
2) Don Wilson - Oxnard caught a 35lb Yellowtail on the Erna B.
3) Patrick Dotsy - Ventura caught a 32lb Yellowtail on the Speed Twin. 
(1st Yellowtail & Jackpot ever)

4) Kevin Reynolds - Oxnard caught a 24lb Yellowtail on the Cobra.

Erna B Yellowtail fishing Channel Islands

This weeks action was a roller coaster of ups and downs for those hoping to get in on the Yellowtail action. The week started strong with the full day and 3/4 day boats putting up more big numbers. On Wednesday, they gave us the slip but Thursday they wanted to bite again. On Friday and Saturday the boats had issues getting live bait, plus the weather came up a bit making the seas choppy. On Sunday we had to cancel our trips altogether as winds became too high to even try fishing.

Hopefully things mellow out and we can get back on the fish as there are new schools showing up all the time at both the local islands and coastal zones.

YellowTail Fishing on the Speed Twin

Other notable catches came from a an offshore trip that came back with Yellowtail, Bluefin, Yellowfin and Skipjack Tuna.

Yellowtail fishing Channel Islands Sportfishing

Basically, all of our boats are targeting Yellowtail so everyone come prepared with the proper tackle. If you need to rent a rod and reel combo, know that we have upgraded our equipment with AVET reels. We have some of the best rentals available so rent a rod if you're not confident in your own.

This year is definately shaping up to be an epic one! #ElNino2015

Yellowtail fishing in the Channel Islands El Nino 2015

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