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November marked a period of change for those fishing the Northern Channel Islands

by Channel Islands Sportfishing Staff

Whopper Ling Cod Pacific Islander


Whoppers of the Week:

1) Kyle Spaulding from Thousand Oaks caught a 18lb Lingcod on an overnight "So-Cal Salty" sponsored trip aboard the Pacific Islander.

2) Rey Lobo from Oxnard caught a 10lb Salmon Grouper on a 3/4 day coastal trip aboard the Gentleman.

3) Perry Pasqual from Oxnard caught a 22lb Lingcod on an overnight trip aboard the Pacific Islander.

4) Konner MacGregor 16yr old from Oxnard caught a 15lb Lingcod on an overnight trip aboard the Pacific Islander.

5) Huy Bui from Orange caught a 19lb Lingcod on a full day "Lingcod Special" aboard the Aloha Spirit.

Pacific Islander Whopper Ling Cod


November marked a period of change for those fishing the Northern Channel Islands. Early in the month we were catching big numbers of Yellowtail on our overnight trips to San Nicolas Island. Local boats were also getting them at Santa Cruz and Anacapa Island with regularity. After putting some awesome trips together at the beginning of November we got cut off by weather systems cruising through the area. Thunder storms bringing minimal rain but lots of winds cooled the water and kept us off the fishing grounds for several days. In between fronts we were out there trying to find those Yellowtail that only days prior were biting everything that hit the water.

Whopper Yellowtail Erna B Channel Islands

Now, after the Thanksgiving holiday with December on the horizon, everything has changed back to standard fall fishing. Some captains are still putting in a good effort to catch exotics but very little success has been seen as of late. Most of the boats are now strictly bottom fishing as we would normally be doing at this time of year. For those that need to load up the freezer for the upcoming off-season or the angler that likes to fish jigs in the shallows, this is a great time to go fishing.

Whopper Ling Cod Pacific Islander Channel Islands

We are seeing some really big Lingcod and Sheephead at both the inner and outer islands. Not uncommon to see Lings pushing 15 to 20 pounds and Sheephead over 20 pounds. Keep in mind they are not all this big but the average quality is definitely on the high end. Rockfish consisting of several sub species like Vermilion Rockfish better known as "Red Snapper" are getting caught by everyone in record numbers.

Whopper Ling Cod Aloha Spirit Channel Islands

The boat loads are also down which will surely make the day more enjoyable for those that like a lot of elbow room. Only one month left to fish this 2015 season and its not over yet. Get up and get out there to get your share of the bounty!

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