Channel Islands

Yellowtail bite slows but Rock fishing is good.

by Channel Islands Sportfishing Staff


Yellowtail fishing on the Cobra

Fish Report:

This week we saw the surface bite slow to a crawl, particularly for Yellowtail. We did have a couple days where the morning boats found some Yellows that wanted to bite but most of the time the fish wouldn't cooperate.

Basically, the pattern we are seeing, is fewer days where the bite is on and more when it is off. The water temperature did take a dip so that would obviously be a reason we are catching less game fish. If the fish decide to hang around it may take a while for them to acclimate to the temperature change. Otherwise they may depart to other islands in search of warmer waters.

So with the surface bite off, we have fallen back on our always reliable bottom fishing for a variety of Rockfish species as well as Lingcod and Sheephead. Lucky for us the Whitefish bite is outstanding so our local boats are loading up on Whitefish in the shallows at Anacapa and Santa Cruz Island. This style of fishing is less glamorous but its great for those looking for big numbers of great eating fish.

Ling Cod fishing on the Mirage

Only time will tell if the surface bite will pick back up. We are in a holding pattern, keeping an eye out and will be ready if the Yellowtail bite picks back up.

Yellowtail fishing on the Aloha Spirit

Fishing Whoppers:

1) Robert Benitiz from North Hollywood caught a 38lb Yellowtail on a full day trip aboard the Cobra

2) Tim Traurig from Santa Clarita caught a 28lb Yellowtail on a full day trip aboard the Aloha Spirit.

3) Rhanny Hufflar from Ventura caught a 16lb Lingcod on a 2-day trip aboard the Mirage.

4) Scott Williams from Newbury Park caught a 15lb Yellowtail on a 2-day trip aboard the Mirage.

Yellowtail fishing Mirage Channel Islands

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