Channel Islands

White Seabass fishing in the Channel Islands

by Channel Islands Sportfishing Staff

White Seabass fishing in the Channel Islands is here!

Every spring, fisherman wait for this to happen. Some call them the elusive Ghost fish. These fish are prized! This past week, limits of White Seabass are being caught by the fleet out at Santa Rosa Island. The bite can go on for days or just shut off as fast as it turned on. 

These fish can range in size from 12lb - 60lbs! It's not uncommon to catch a 30lb fish.  

White Seabass Fishing in Oxnard

The fleet at Channel Islands Sportfishing, out of Oxnard, CA, will target these fish when they show up. Depending where they are can depend on which boat or boats will target them. 

Record White Seabass Channel Islands Oxnard Aloha Spirit

It's time! They are biting! Get onto a boat and get into the action! 

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