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July 4th - No Fishing License Required

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by Channel Islands Sportfishing Staff

Free Fishing Day Have you ever felt the excitement of watching your bobber suddenly jiggle, then dive out of sight? Or feeling the tap-tap-tap of a bass as it tastes the worm on the end of your line? Or having a salmon practically tear the rod out of your hands as it smashes your lure? What's that? You say you never learned to fish? If you are new to the sport of fishing, and not sure if you will enjoy it, a great opportunity awaits you.

June 16, 2015 - Recreational white seabass daily bag limit increased to three fish

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by Channel Islands Sportfishing Staff

White Seabass Fishing White sea bass are identified from other croakers by their ridge along the belly, are blue-gray with dark speckling above and silvery below though juveniles have vertical dark bars. A white seabass sized at 28 inches in length or above is an appropriate catch although there are records of 5 feet/ 90 pounds white seabass, anything over 60 pounds is exceptional.

April 30, 2015 - Last Day to Report Spiny Lobster Report Card Harvest Data Online

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by Channel Islands Sportfishing Staff

California Spiny Lobster California's coastal waters are home to a multitude of invertebrates (species lacking a bony skeleton). A small fraction of these, including California spiny lobster, are actually targeted by California's recreational and commercial fisheries. Return your lobster report cards by April 30 following the season closure to: CDFW Lobster Report Card 3883 Ruffin Rd. San Diego, CA 92123.