Channel Islands

Half Day Fishing Trips

In general these trips are recommended for those with kids or considered very novice. But with that said, they are a relaxing way for even an experienced angler to enjoy a day on the water. Even though the trip is called a ½ day you still get plenty of time to fish. Travel time can be between 1 to 2 hours each way, so fishing time is approximately 4 hours.

The Speed Twin is a large catamaran with an extra-large galley and ample seating inside and out. They depart daily at 8am and return in the afternoon at approximately 4pm. These trips can fish either the local islands or coast depending on the bite. Usually during the early spring and winter we fish rockfish and other bottom species. During the late spring and summer months rockfish may still be on the menu but the potential to catch Barracuda, Sand Bass, Calico Bass and other top water species is likely. No matter your level of experience a ½ day fishing trip is an excellent choice.