Fishing Is Not A Crime

Fishing Is Not A Crime

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Fishing Is Not A Crime - Short Sleeve T- Shirts

CISCOS Ling Cod T-Shirt

CISCOS Ling Cod T-Shirt


Channel Islands Sportfishing is the place to go Ling Cod fishing! We have a healthy fishery within easy access most days. We've designed a shirt to evoke the nature of the fish.

Daily Fish Reports

A December to Remember in the Channel Islands!

This giant white seabass was caught in December! What a year this has been! Record California Halibut, White Seabass, Yellowtail, Yellowfin tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Striped Marlin!

published: Dec 12, 2014

Channel Islands Sportfishing weekly report

Bottom fishing is getting better and better every day. Lingcod fishing has been as steady as ever with several fish this week in the 15lb class with some bigger.

published: Dec 10, 2014