Channel Islands Sportfishing Videos

Channel Islands Humpback Whale Watching

There is no greater thrill than watching majestic Humpback Whales lunge feed on schools of fin fish. Breeching and tail lobbing are commonly observed behaviors of this crowd-pleasing whale. Our knowledgeable and friendly crew have years of experience identifying wildlife within the park, and provide fully narrated tours. You can expect to encounter seemingly endless wildlife on our Whale Watching excursions. A Channel Island Whale Watching trip is perfect for families, friends, school groups and organizations. Experiencing wildlife in their natural setting is a thrill for children and adults of all ages. Come join in the adventure.


The Gentleman is the 3/4 day boat fishing out of Channel Islands Sportfishing Center in Oxnard, CA. We are located in Channel Islands Harbor right on Victoria Avenue. During the Winter and Spring we mainly fish for rockfish. When the water warms up we will spend time targeting barracuda and sand bass. If conditions are right we will also fish for White Seabass. We have plenty of room for big charter groups. If you have any questions please call us at (805) 382-1612.

Ranger 85

The RANGER 85 is one of the most versatile Sportfishing Vessels on the West Coast. At 85 feet in length you have plenty of fishing room and comfort. With a wide deck and a low profile the Ranger 85 is an excellent platform to fish on. The Ranger 85 is the Largest Sportfishing Vessel in Ventura County. All new electronics including Wesmar Side Scanning Sonar, Furuno Fish Finders, and Satellite Navigation fill the bridge giving you an advantage on the fishing grounds. We pride ourselves in taking care of your fish. We have two fish holds that allow us to keep your catch very cold for filleting or we can freeze your fish for transporting home.

Sea Jay

Captain John Fuqua is the owner/operator for the Sea Jay in Ventura County. John is a very aggressive captain with tons of experience. He is a top notch captain who enjoys targeting White Seabass and Yellowtail. The Sea Jay is a very comfortable boat. She is the sister ship to the Island Tak in Oxnard. Don't be surprised when you see some great fish counts from this boat this season. If you have a chance run a charter with John on the Sea Jay you will not be disappointed.


The Mirage operates out of Channel Islands Sportfishing Center. CISC is the only Sportfishing Association of California landing operating out of Channel Islands Harbor. When you make your choice on where to fish, choose the landing that helps preserve your right to fish. Choose a S.A.C. landing! If you have a Charter booked with us, be sure to speak with Erin to have your trip tailored to suit your groups needs! Stay tuned as we will be updating our website often and we look forward to making your fishing excursion the best possible experience available that day. If you need any information call Channel Islands Sportfishing Center at 805-382-1612 to make an Open Party reservation. Fishing with us is like fishing with family!


Over the years Bobby Valeny has provided excellent service for his passengers. We are pleased to have repeat business and to win over our customers. Whether you want a sack full of rockfish or White Seabass and Halibut we can offer you a trip to meet your needs. The Seabiscuit has been one of the top producing boats for many years now and we expect them to continue to produce wonderful memories for their passengers.


Captain Chris Hanson has been in the fishing industry since he was 8 years old. He learned his captain skills from Captain Bill Hutchinson on the Lenbrooke when the boat operated out the Malibu Pier. Under Captain Hutchinson Chris learned about many of the productive fishing grounds in the Santa Monica Bay. Chris has worked at as a captain moving boats between California and Cabo San Lucas. Chris has actively participated in many of the famous Cabo fishing tournaments including the Bisbees. In 2002, he earned his captains license and purchased the Cobra. On his first trip, he took a group out and participated in the Santa Monica Bay Halibut Derby. His boat won the 2002 Santa Monica Halibut Derby with a 33.8 pound California Halibut.

Speed Twin

The Speed Twin departs from Channel Islands Sportfishing in the Channel Islands Harbor. We specialize in 1/2 day charters and open party trips. We have a full service galley, serving breakfast, lunch or snacks right from the grill. We fish Anacapa Island, Santa Cruz Island, and the beautiful California coast from Ventura up to Santa Barbara and down to Point Dume, Malibu. We target, but not limited to, Rock Fish, Sand Bass, Ling Cod, Sheepshead, and Barracuda The Speed Twin is the only catamaran sport boat on the coast and is known for it’s stability in bumpy seas. The crew is always knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

Aloha Spirit

Captain Shawn Steward has been in the sport fishing business since the age of 12. After going from scrubbing boats and learning the ropes to getting his captains license at the early age 19 he spent time running the  SPEED TWIN and the MIRAGE. The Aloha Spirit is equipped with all the latest electronics. the full galley seats 12 where you can enjoy your hot breakfast, lunch or snack right off the grill. There are seperate men and women restrooms. The bait tank holds 70 scoops of live bait for your day of fishing. The ALOHA SPIRIT will give you a fishing experience that will keep you coming back for more.


Hoop Netting on the Cobra
with Kevin Brannon and Reel Anglers Fishing Show.

Speed Twin

Rockfishing with Kevin Brannon and Reel Anglers Fishing Show aboard the Speed Twin.

Pacific Islander

Shimano/G.Loomis Pro Staff and Team Los Anglers headed out on a Overnight trip sponsored by Fishhound, the Skipper and Crew are TOP NOTCH you must pay this boat a visit, we ended up with 6 Halibut from 38 to 20 pounds and a 20 pound White Seabass and Lingcods ranging from 9 to 11 pounds and not to mention monster reds as well.

Whale Watching Channel Islands

Your voyage begins with a journey through park and sanctuary waters of the Channel Islands and Marine Sanctuary off the coast of Southern California. The Channel Islands are the perfect location to observe marine wildlife. The Channel Islands region is a premier global destination for whale watching and marine wildlife sightings. The regions wildlife includes seals, sea lions, dolphins and a rich variety of bird life; some of which are endangered and protected. Blue, Humpback and Gray Whales, as well as several other species are commonly observed in the pristine waters surrounding the park and sanctuary. There is no greater thrill than watching majestic Humpback Whales breeching and tail lobbing are commonly observed behaviors. The Channel Islands is one of the few places globally where you can observe several species all on one trip.