Channel Islands

Channel Islands Sportfishing Center

Channel Islands Sportfishing - aka CISCOS or CISCO

Serving Ventura County since 1964

Channel Islands Sportfishing - aka CISCOS has been serving Ventura County since 1964. Fishing, Whale Watching, Scenic Tours, National ParkThe boats that operate out of the landing offer trips for beginners to the most experienced fisherman. Whale Watching, scenic luxury trips to the Channel Islands National Park.
Kids are welcome!

Embarking from Oxnard, California, Channel Island Sportfishing Center enjoys providing access to the renown fishing around the Northern Channel Islands and local coastlines. Fishing enthusiasts love having access to the thriving marine habitat that surrounds Anacapa Island, Santa Cruz Island, Santa Rosa Island, San Miguel Island, and San Nicolas Island, as well as the coastal waters between Oxnard and the Ventura County line near Malibu. Take a California fishing charter and experience Southern California fishing with one of the independently owned and operated fishing boats. These captains provide an unrivaled knowledge of these waters.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple -- to introduce as many people as possible to the thrill of sport fishing, and expose them to the beauty of the Channel Islands and its bountiful resources, such as the Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary and the Channel Islands National Park. By doing this we hope to challenge and inspire new generations of deep sea fishing anglers.