Full Day Fishing Trips

As the old saying goes “the early bird gets the worm” and this is definitely true in the fishing world. Full day fishing trips depart at either 4am or 5am, and give the best opportunity at larger game fish or shallow water Rockfish. Full Days are especially popular in the spring when the White Seabass are biting at the local islands or along the coast. A common misunderstanding about these trips is that they go out farther than other trips. This is sometimes true but more often than not they are fishing the same areas as our ¾ day trips. Getting out there early is imperative for several reasons. 

Making bait is sometimes necessary if the fish are biting on something other than what is in the bait receivers. Leaving early gives you plenty of time to catch enough bait to start the day. There are several boats that specialize in these types of trips. The Sea Jay and Cobra depart at 4am while the Aloha Spirit departs at 5am, all of which specialize in game fishing. If the Seabass, Yellowtail or whatever the target species of the day is doesn’t bite, these trips are popular because they tend to fish for Calico Bass as opposed to bottom fishing as a backup plan. Bass fishing is increasingly becoming more popular because you use much lighter tackle and artificial lures. It definitely takes a bit of skill to catch bass but when you do it’s very rewarding. During the early spring and winter months the full day boats tend to focus on shallow water bottom fishing for Rockfish and Lingcod. Shallow water means usually fishing in less than 160’ of water and is a great opportunity to bounce jigs and other lures off the bottom. With small groups and helpful crews, full day trips are among the most popular to those looking for a more private feel.