Two Day Fishing Trips

If you like fishing on the overnight trips then you may be ready to take it to the next level. On an outer island two day fishing trip, you get the opportunity to not only fish the morning and afternoon, but the evening and night bite can be great. While anchored and watching the sun set, catch fish until the captain calls for dinner to be served. Enjoy a fine meal and watch a movie before resting up for the next day of fishing. Imagine catching White Seabass and Halibut in the morning and still catching bags full of big Rockfish, Sheephead, Ocean Whitefish and Lingcod with time to spare. Sometimes the two day trips fish more than one island as well. You could spend the first day at Santa Rosa Island and wake up the next morning at San Miguel or San Nicolas Island. Maybe even move offshore if the tuna are within reach! Not always the case but the option is there to make big moves like this, in the dark.

Tackle requirements vary but are generally a bit different than local island trips. Be sure to ask about tackle recommendations.