Overnight Fishing Trips

Overnight boats specialize in fishing at what we call the outer islands. It is important to note the difference between the inner and outer islands. The Northern Channel Islands consists of six islands but only two are considered inner islands. The remaining islands are called outer islands and the travel time to these locations varies but takes approximately 6 hours to reach. Thus, this is why overnight trips depart the night before at 10pm with the goal of reaching the fishing grounds by dawn. 

The MiragePacific Islander, Seabiscuit and Ranger 85 are some of the boats running overnight fishing trips. Each boat is equipped with sleeping bunks for everyone on board, with a full galley. As far as fishing, with less pressure and being out of range for most small boats, the quality and size of the fish make these islands a very special place. Outer island fishing is an excellent opportunity to score that trophy fish you have been dreaming about. Home to world record breaking Halibut and monster sized Lingcod. The outer islands can have an excellent White Seabass bite during early summer and the bottom fishing for big Rockfish, Sheephead and Ocean Whitefish can be epic.

Tackle requirements vary but are generally a bit different than local island trips. Be sure to ask about tackle recommendations.