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June 16, 2015 - Recreational white seabass daily bag limit increased to three fish

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by Channel Islands Sportfishing Staff

White Seabass Fishing White sea bass are identified from other croakers by their ridge along the belly, are blue-gray with dark speckling above and silvery below though juveniles have vertical dark bars. A white seabass sized at 28 inches in length or above is an appropriate catch although there are records of 5 feet/ 90 pounds white seabass, anything over 60 pounds is exceptional.

April 30, 2015 - Last Day to Report Spiny Lobster Report Card Harvest Data Online

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by Channel Islands Sportfishing Staff

California Spiny Lobster California's coastal waters are home to a multitude of invertebrates (species lacking a bony skeleton). A small fraction of these, including California spiny lobster, are actually targeted by California's recreational and commercial fisheries. Return your lobster report cards by April 30 following the season closure to: CDFW Lobster Report Card 3883 Ruffin Rd. San Diego, CA 92123.