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Big White Seabass, Halibut and Yellowtail!

Another epic day here at the beautiful Channel Islands in Ventura County.

With 11 boats fishing for the right kind, the right kind they found.

The super star of the day is Captain John Sudac aboard the Cobra full day boat. He whacked the seabass putting the steel to 27 of these tasty fish. He also scored 3 grumpy home-guard yellowtail and forget the barracuda count.


The Sea Jay and Island Tak also scored on their full day trips with 24 seabass for the Sea Jay and 12 seabass for the Island Tak. Our outer island boats also put the steel to the biscuits.

The Coral Sea decked 23 seabass and 3 halibut with the Seabiscuit putting 13 seabass and one outer island barn-door in the bags.

The Pacific Islander and Mirage had good cod fishing with the Pacific Islander putting a nice halibut in the boat.

Our ¾ and ½ day boats are hitting the rockfish hard with the Gentleman getting into some nice barracuda and the Erna B putting a 49lb California halibut on board.

Overall with 113 white seabass in the count today it is time to go fishing.

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