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California Saltwater Fish Species Slang Names

Have you ever heard a fish called by something other than what it is? 


(Barracuda or Cuda or Logs)

Many fish have different slang names made up by fisherman. Here’s a list of those slang words for the different Salt Water fish in Channel Islands in Southern California. 

Ocean Whitefish: Poor Mans Yellowtail, Whities

Yellowtail: Moss Backs, Home Guard, Forkies, Yellows, Yellers, Yellowtail Tuna

White Seabass: WSB, Ghost, Grey Ghost, Biscuits, Seabass, Croaker

Halibut: Butts, Flat Fish, Flatties, Barn Door

Vermillion Rockfish: Rock Cod, Red Snapper, Reds, Steamer Fish

Tree Rockfish: Lipstick Fish, Jungle Fish

Yellowtail Rockfish: Jonny Bass

Boccacio: Salmon Grouper, Grouper

Lingcod: Gators, Ringcod, Cod, Ling

Sheephead: Goats, West Hollywood Fish

Kelp Bass: Calico Bass, Checkerboard

Barred Sand Bass: Sand Bass, Turd Roller

Bonito: Bonita, Bone Heads, Boners

Barracuda: Cuda, Logs, Slimmers

Cabezon: Cab Driver, Frog Fish, Handle Bars

(Sheephead, Goat or Hollywood Fish)