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Coral Sea – 2 day outer Channel Islands fishing trip.

Hi Frank,
Just wanted to shoot you a email and let you know how much fun Micaela and I had on our 2 day. Alex and the crew were awesome they worked there butts off for us in not so good conditions. I’ve never been on a trip with such bad weather but this crew made me feel confident everything was taken care of. Alex made a great decision on Sunday and put some fish on the boat. He could have very well just stuck it out at Rosa and called it a day.

Your second, Paul and deckhands were a blast to fish with and talk to. They probably wanted me to just go to sleep I talked so much. Haha. Made me and Micaela feel like one of the crew the whole trip. Just a great way to spend time with my daughter. Great family atmosphere, awesome and we are looking forward to our next trip with them. Thank again and tell them we enjoyed fishing with them!

Bill Lawson