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Daily Fish Report for June 2, 2012

Halibut and White Seabass Are Coming Out To Play!

With 11 boats out fishing today, the count is filled with variety and size!

Start off with Capt Stewards 20 White Seabass up to 54lbs with a flattie in the mix.

Capt John Fuqua put the gaff to 4 flat fish today up to 44lbs along with a lonely croaker. Cobra John landed 2 white seabass for his 12 anglers along with a solid count of rockfish and a few calico bass.

Our overnight boats are still slamming the rock cod and lings with a few seabass and halibut in the last few days showing up. Overall the fishing is awesome, we have open party trips 7 days a week on the hunt for the good stuff.

Call the Channel Islands Sportfishing today to book your spot or simply reserve online!

Thanks for the support, and LETS GO FISHING!