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Fish Recipe Roundup: What To Do With Your Channel Islands Catch

After a successful fishing trip in the Channel Islands, you will have some of the world’s finest seafood at your disposal. So, what do you do with it? That’s up to you, of course, but here is a roundup of some relatively simple fish recipes that you might consider trying.Fish Veracruz, so named for the region of Mexico from which it comes, is a fresh and flavorful way to prepare fish. It gets its pep from lime juice, capers and peppers. We like this Fish Veracuz recipe from Saveur magazine. After you make this recipe once or twice, you’ll be able to get a feel for it and customize it to your liking. If Fish Veracuz seems like it might be a bit on the spicy side for you, you could consider trying this Foil-Packet Fish With Corn Relish  recipe from The Food Network. It calls for cilantro and ginger, so it has plenty of “zing” but won’t singe your tastebuds. With its red cabbage and apple cider vinegar, this recipe for Fish Tacos sounds like it has a tangy flavor. It’s also nice that this recipe calls for the types of fish you might catch in the Channel Islands. You can often swap in another type of fish if the recipe calls from a species not found off the California coast, like fish, but there’s always a little risk that the recipe won’t turn out as well. If you’d like to gather more information on a Channel Islands fishing trip, please know that you can contact us at your convenience.