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California Spiny Lobster

Everybody Loves Lobster!

Whether you call it a bug, a flapjack or simply a lobster, everybody loves lobster! Here in Southern California lobster season is in full swing, and it seems everyone is getting bug fever. The California Spiny Lobster is no delicacy to pass up. With market prices anywhere from $25-$35 per lb, it is priced far out of reach for anything but a special occasion. With a daily bag limit of 7 lobsters per angler and the average bug weighing in at 1.5lbs seeing 4-6lbers is not uncommon. How to catch these tasty crustaceans is covered all the time, today we are going to talk about how to prepare them.                                     

Lets go over 3 common ways to cook your nights catch, you cant go wrong with any of these choices.

The most common way is a simply steam. If you have a steamer great, after tailing the lobster place the tail in the steamer for 9-11min and presto! Sweet California Spiny Lobster ready to eat with a little butter or cocktail sauce.

The second way is a simple boil; you can either place the entire lobster in the boiling pot of water or just the tail. Bring the water to a rolling boil and toss the bug in. Set the timer to 15 minutes and done, this is a very easy way to prepare your lobster.

The last way and my favorite way is on the BBQ. Set your grill to med-high, cut the tail lengthwise leaving the shell on and toss on the grill. Baste the tail with butter and cook for 8min flipping the tail after 4min and serve.

So if its lobster linguini, New England lobster rolls or simply dipped in butter, the California Spiny Lobster is a local delicacy way to tasty to pass up.    

Lobster Cooking Times

For boiling or steaming a lobster

Lobster WeightCooking Time
1 – 1 π lb.12 – 15 minutes
1 π – 2 lb.15 – 20 minutes
2-3 lb.20 – 25 minutes
3-6 lb.25 – 28 minutes
6-7 lb.28 – 30 minutes
8 lb. and over4 minutes per pound

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