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Ranger 85 Fishing a 2 day overnight fishing trip

May 3, 2013

Captain Frank,
Thank you so much for the fishing trip over the past weekend.
At 70 years old it sure is rare to have a memory to add to your life adventures but I now have a new one after my trip with you guys fishing the Channel Islands on your 2 day trip on May 3rd.
Your vessel was one of the most comfortable fishing boats I have ever been on and I have been on many.
Even though we were fighting the elements as far as the fishing conditions (water temperature change) causing the fish to be less then cooperative you did everything possible and used you fishing knowledge to get us on fish that were biting and we ended up with more of a catch then we could have hoped for, so thanks to you for that.
The accommodations were wonderful and I slept like a baby.
The cook did a super job taking care of all of us and the meals were very tasty. Perfect for the trip..
All of the crew were great and very helpful with the proper advise and fishing  techniques for the conditions.
They were right on the spot to help on deck even though at times everyone on the Vessel had a fish on their line.
They never lost their patience with some of us who were rookies at fishing this coast.
Their willingness to help was much appreciated even though some of the questions we had probably sounded pretty odd to them they never made any of us feel uncomfortable.
So thanks again for the great trip and I can’t wait for the next one. 

John Hourigan
I shared a fresh fish dinner with friends last night and afterwards they all wanted to know when was my next trip? LOL