Want an Adventure? Try Hoop Net fishing for Lobster and Crabs

Do you want an adventure? Maybe you and your friends have been deep sea fishing and you just want to do something else? Yet, you love the ocean air and you don’t want to give that up!

So, why not try Hoop Net fishing aboard the Cobra. It has it’s similarities to deep sea fishing, so you know what to expect for the most part. However, it is different enough to provide an extra adventure.
When fishing, you bait a hook and cast the line. Then you wait. You probably pull in your line once in awhile to see if a fish stole the bait.

With lobster and crab hoop net fishing, you bait the hoop net, lower it into the water, and then retrieve the net every so often. While with a fishing line you might feel a tug and know you have a fish, with a Hoop net trap, you have to check. So, you will set traps, check them, set the traps, etc. That gives you time to talk with your buddies, and keeps the time from getting boring. How much fun to see who pulls up the biggest and most lobster and/or crabs.

Some of the differences between fishing and hoop net fishing will be the time of day. You probably fish during the day, but we will hoop net fish during the night. That is when the lobsters and crabs come out to crawl and feed. So, we add to the adventure by making it a nighttime event. There can be something adventurous about hoop net fishing at night, and if your group is game for it, you can even try to scare each other with ghost stories.

Thinking you might like to try this adventure? Just contact us and we will assist you.