You are currently viewing Good bottom fishing continues at the Channel Islands

Good bottom fishing continues at the Channel Islands

Good bottom fishing continues at the Channel Islands.

Bottom fishing continues at the Channel Islands. The counts are mostly bottom fishing at the Channel Islands but Yellowtail are still possible but not likely.

Our loads are light even on the weekends but we are still seeing a lot of new faces come through our doors. Fishermen are coming from far and wide to see the quality Rockfish that the Northern Channel Islands is known for. Thankfully, the fishing has been so good this fall, most of them said they won’t bother wasting their time bottom fishing anywhere else. Coming from Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Orange County and as far as San Diego and going home with coolers full of great eating fish.

There is still a slight chance of a yellowtail at the Outer Islands.

The morning departures are fishing the inner islands (Anacapa and Santa Cruz), while the overnight boats have been focusing on Santa Rosa Island. Normally, this time of year our overnight boats would go straight to San Miguel Island but at Santa Rosa they are still catching a few game fish. Recently, our overnight boats have been coming back with only a couple, but a chance to catch a 40+ pound Yellowtail is hard to pass up. They also have a chance of catching a big Halibut or a late season White Seabass.

The bottom fishing season ends on December 31.

The holiday season is upon us and we are sure to get that year end push we always get the last two weeks of the season, which ends on December 31. Loads are mellow right now but soon it will get busy with visitors flying in from all over to spend the holiday in sunny Southern California. Locals will notice that their freezers are not as stocked as they would like for the off-season. Combined with our regular clientele, the last two weeks at Ciscos is sure to be “hopping”.

Whoppers for the week.

1) Jay Levites from Port Hueneme caught a 38lb Yellowtail at Santa Rosa Island on an overnight trip aboard the Mirage.

2) Andy Huntley from Northridge caught a pair of 12lb Lingcod on a full day trip aboard the Sea Jay.

3) Michael Gatto from Oxnard caught a 10lb Vermilion Rockfish “Red Snapper” on an overnight trip aboard the Seabiscuit.

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