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Sport fishing; Organic Corporate Team Building Events that Last

Today’s employers realize that there is tremendous value in events that increase the moral and unity of their team. Team spirit is directly related to better employee retention, improved recruitment, and increased productivity. That’s what makes corporate team building events so valuable. However, not every type of corporate team building  event is right for every company. Many companies shy away from the highly structured programs presented by professional team builders and opt for fun events that build camaraderie and team unity organically.

What is an Organic Team Building Event?

Not every one wants a week of camping in the woods, speeches and trust exercises, but that does not mean that they need to count themselves out of the game when it comes to building team spirit with purpose. Organic corporate teambuilding events are ones that set the stage for excitement, teamwork, camaraderie, and lasting memories without the structured programs, such as sporting events.

Why Organic Team Building Events Work

There are some great reasons why organic corporate team building events work so well, and in many cases better than their structured counterpart.

  • Employees see them as a reward
  • Participants are more inclined to be relaxed
  • Relationships are grown and improved naturally
  • Participants are looking to build a memory, rather than “get through” an event
  • Removes everyone from the work environment
  • Allows everyone to see co-workers in a new light
  • Participants naturally draw parallels from nature and apply it to their lives

Sport Fishing the Channel Islands—Team Building at its Best

For those that want the thrill of a team building event, but not the corporate stuffiness, a sport fishing event in the Channel Islands fits the bill. Sport fishing is one of the few events that truly take employees away from it all in a stress free and exhilarating environment. Corporations can rent more than one boat, divide into teams, and hold a company tournament. In addition to providing the thrill of a lifetime, sport fishing sets the stage for teamwork, relationship building, bragging rights over catching “the Big One”, and of course, stories of the “the one that got away”. Our Fleet.

One of the most important reasons why sport fishing is a top choice in building unity is that it is an experience that can never be duplicated, and shared by only those who attend. It is that shared spirit of adventure that every company tries to achieve because that is what fuels success.

If you would like more information on how Channel Islands Sportfishing can help you with  your corporate events, please contact us today.