You are currently viewing 2.5 Day Bluefin Tuna Fishing on the Ranger 85 (San Diego)

2.5 Day Bluefin Tuna Fishing on the Ranger 85 (San Diego)

Here is a report from Captain Frank from one of the last trips of the season for them before heading back up to Channel Islands along with some testimonials from some happy fisherman.

“Having just returned from our 2.5 day trip fishing with many new customers as well as regulars, as we refer to those who frequent our trips, I felt compelled to highlight the trip. What a diverse group of individuals. There were those who had never fished offshore, those who had only experienced tuna fishing from six passenger yachts from resorts, a couple from the industry taking a day off and many friends spending time together reconnecting. Fishing. That’s what I love about my chosen profession.watching the angler, the individual as they not only enjoy themselves catching fish but spending time with their friends and making new connections. It’s easy while on a trip of this nature, everyone has something in common; the ocean. Having had the luxury of seeing more sunrises and sunsets than the average individual over the past 35 years coupled with the fact that it’s over the ocean, an island or some watery horizon, I never take for granted the sheer beauty of my surroundings. This particular trip we had the full gamut of weather .choppy on the way out followed by calm seas on our first day and good big game fishing.

Day two was still nice conditions, yet squalls moved through with water spouts followed by rainbows and blue skies. We were treated to an inspiring sunset as well as a productive day of catching. Typically I write a trip summary based upon size and quantity of fish, but this trip was so much more.
Thank you all for fishing with us and we certainly look forward to sharing more experiences with you in the future.whether offshore for tuna or around the Channel Islands seeking seabass, halibut and rockfish. I always find it difficult to selectively name customers on our trips in my blogs as I am afraid to leave anyone out. This trip I need the entire manifest in front of me to accurately acknowledge all. Please don’t take offense if I do not mention you personally. Bridget and family.I hope you enjoyed the trip.we enjoyed fishing with you. Malcolm, always fun to see you onboard. Brian.I am always amazed when I speak to a customer and they tell me how far they came just to go fishing. Thank you so very much for spending a couple days with us and I look forward to fishing with you again. Matt, your energy and enthusiasm is and was contagious. Good times. Thank you all for making the trip enjoyable and for fishing hard.
Enjoy the images and please keep in touch.
Capt. Frank”

“Hey Captain Frank. Thanks for putting us in the zone and giving us the opportunity to catch fish. I really appreciate your personal effort to help and encourage the fisherman onboard. You are are true professional of your trade. I hope to fish with you and your crew in the future. Thanks for the pictures”

Matt Garcia


Hey Captain Frank, my buddy Terry and I had an outstanding trip with you and your crew. It was my first trip above a 2dayer and I’m not sure I can go back to anything less than 2.5er’s now. I was the short guy from AZ in the ugly green jeans, yellow shirt and white hat,  who fought that BF for about an hour on the jigmaster. Terry and I saw the trip on H&M’s website and hem ‘n hawed about it, finally deciding that it was the right one for us, oh how grateful we are. Your operation was professional in every aspect, to include the mistake that Ricky made about filleting my 6 YF and correcting that mistake and cleaning the fish even after your boat was cleaned up for your next trip. Thank you very much for a great trip and the best pre-trip seminar I’ve ever had. Finally, I was wondering if it would be too much for you to find either the picture of Robert and I with the gaff of that BF, or if you could find a picture of one of the bigger BF that would suffice for a taxidermist to do a reproduction? I have been directed toward Lyon’s and O’Haver, is that who you would use? I’ll look for you boat next summer.

Thank you,
Mark McCabe


WOW Frank!!!
Thank you for such fabulous memories on the Ranger 85….and an incredible lucrative killer tuna trip! it was the best birthday present ever for my son, Nate who turned 34 and wanted to try for the “big boys”, and finally catch those super sea bullets, the ahi yellow fin tunas and dorados. His wish certainly came true and it was for the likes of you in bringing us to the motherlode of the sea in snagging them hiding out in the kelp and roaming in rogue bands all over the Mexican waters. We will absolutely plan to go out again with you and your ace crew and enjoy more frantic lively fishing.  Here are some photos I took of our trip for you to share and keep of the awesome trip. There was one photo I thought of YOU with me and one of my tunas. It was not in the batch you sent, but if you do have it, I would surely treasure it from you to remember the ecstatic moment. Here are my pics you should use to advertise your superb crew. I am sending them in 2 diff. e-mails.

Many many thanks,
Bridget Duffy-Thorn, “Bob” (John R. ) Thorn, and Nathan Duffy