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Ranger 85 Overnight Fishing to San Miguel Island

Saturday, we fished San Miguel Island onboard the Ranger 85 with Ray Estrada’s annual charter.

There were 38 anglers participating this year and the weather was perfect.
Sometimes I say that, and guys will look at me and say “what do you mean,
the sun never came out” Well, sometimes the sun means wind, and when you are fishing the most
extreme island the Channel Islands has to offer, I’ll take an overcast day and calm seas every time.
We departed Friday evening after a pre-trip seminar and set our course for due west. The weather was so calm we headed up the north side of the islands.

Destination, San Miguel Island.

We made our first drop at 0630 and scratched away at a few mixed fish.
The bite remained steady, but never wide open.

All onboard stayed at the rail and worked hard as we worked from spot to
spot chippin’ away at our days catch.
I must say, for having 38 anglers onboard, the group remembered many of the
tips we discussed the evening before allowing us to really work well
together maximizing our fishing time.

]All in all we put together a catch of great quality and quantity with most
onboard catching their limit as well as several very nice lingcod.
A huge shout out of gratitude to Ray, thanks for organizing the guys again
this year. We appreciate and look forward to fishing with you all.
See you soon.
Capt. Frank