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Ranger 85 2 day fishing trip – May 5/6 2012

I love to write about our trips, but often wonder how in depth to get, or even if anyone takes the time to read them. I know however that this one needs to be out there, as the 33 guys who were onboard have already begun to ask where the pictures are.
Here we go.
The trip started like many trips onboard the Ranger 85.scheduled as an open party trip, things always have the feel of a private charter where all onboard know each other. We try to remain consistent in our scheduling year after year, and over time the same guys, however unrelated, fish the same trips year after year. Before long all know each other by their annual event.

We departed Cuylers at 0530 in position alpha poised to get back what we lost yesterday.a full day of productive fishing.
We started by 0630 and as anticipated; we had our break in the weather. The ocean had calmed, the drift had slowed and we went to work like a machine putting together our catch. The water is still cold, so rockfish were the target species. We selective targeted quality fish to round out or catch for the trip.

All in all, we ended up with limits of rockfish (660) 38 Lingcod, an awesome
catch considering the hand we were dealt due to weather.
Thanks to all for fishing hard. Ben, Mercy, Chuck, Nick, Garrett, Gary, Scott, Steve, Mike, John, Roy, Antoine and everyone else. You guys make this trip.

I look forward to this one every year, and I’m hearing that Ben is organizing a second for July. Did someone say Seabass?
See you guys on the water.
Capt. Frank