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2 day fishing on the Mirage – Channel Islands Sportfishing

WOW!!! I was on the 2 day trip on the Mirage this week and I just saw Scott’s picture on the website.

Once again I am sending you a praise that all anglers should send. First thank you Erin and Joe for establishing a legendary outfit, thank you!

Next Tucker is awesome. He has become a grade A captain that upholds his persistence and composure totally dedicated to his paid anglers.The crew Andrew with his great floral design (ha! ha!). His great cooking and attentive to serve all whenever, was just great.

Ryan and Dan, I can’t say enough. I have never seen anybody work so hard in my life and still give complete dedication to the anglers! Unbelievable and my hats off to those two, they rock and I really enjoyed their company!!

Erin, I was lucky enough to get jackpot the first day and I was lucky to be on this 2 day trip. Thank you so much, I sent you a gratifying a-mail last year and hope to send you more in the future!

The Mirage is the class act of sport fishing period.

Thank You!