You are currently viewing Channel Islands Sportfishing Report for week ending June 7, 2015

Channel Islands Sportfishing Report for week ending June 7, 2015

Whopper’s of the Week:

1) Joe Ramos from Los Angeles caught a 23lb Halibut on an overnight trip aboard the Pacific Islander.

2) Ricky Trinlt from Burbank caught a 28lb Yellowtail on a full day trip aboard the Cobra.

3) Fred Brandt from Ventura caught a 26lb Yellowtail on an overnight trip aboard the Seabiscuit.

4) Thomas Carney from Ventura caught a 36lb Halibut on an overnight trip aboard the Mirage.

5) Carl King from Klenton MD caught a 33lb White Seabass on a full day

This week our boats continued the search for White Seabass and Yellowtail, definitely putting in the time. Both the local island and outer island boats are catching a few Seabass and Yellowtail with the occasional Halibut in the mix. This is notable because in a normal season the local boats would have first crack at the fish until the water warmed too much to where the fish seek out the cooler waters of the outer islands. Usually its either or, not both. But that’s not the case in this early summer season. Both the inner islands and outer islands are holding fish right now. Just this past weekend the Sea Jay reported limits of WSB and a couple of Yellowtail for its 10 anglers on a local island charter. According to some of the passengers fishing the boat that day, “we could have caught a lot more fish if it were permitted, they were really biting”. Unfortunately the limit for Seabass doesn’t increase to 3 fish for another week on June 15th.

That same weekend a couple of our outer island boats were able to snag live squid and found a school of White Seabass willing to bite. “The fish are a nice grade” said captain Matt Alport of the Seabiscuit, averaging 25 to 35 pounds with the biggest today weighing in at 40 pounds. The Mirage caught a dozen WSB that same day with the biggest weighing in at a hefty 54 pounds. No small fish in the mix, only large models. Both the local islands and outer islands are seeing an influx of White Seabass as the squid beds become more prominent. Notable because it is not necessarily normal for both the inner and outer islands to bite at the same time. This may just be another example of how this season is anything but “normal”. Everyone is still pretty sure this summer season is going to be one to remember. No big scores as of yet but frequency between these bites are getting shorter and shorter.

A big bite is looming around the corner, everyone seems knows its going to happen. You can just feel it! Be sure to sign up early for an upcoming trip. Space is limited and if the fish really go off, it may be hard to find space on a boat. Nothing makes the phone ring like Croaker at the Channel Islands!!!

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