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Fall Yellowtail Fishing in the Channel Islands

Fish Report:

Fishing has remained solid here at the Channel Islands all summer and now we find ourselves in early fall seeing no slow down. The Yellowtail seem to be biting as strong now as they were in early July. Ranging in size from 12 to 35 pounds it’s a “crap shoot” as to what size fish is at the end of your line. This is why we are having our anglers lined up and geared to land the larger models. Using mostly 40 pound line, we are having much better success with our hook and land ratio as we were when this bite started. Our anglers are coming much more prepared thus landing more of these fish. No telling how long it will last but past October Yellowtail bites have been epic so we may see a fall flurry of big game fishing here at Cisco’s!

If big Rockfish or Lingcod is what you’re after, we have outer island trips for you. Coming back to our fleet soon is the Ranger 85 and it will be running both 2 and 3 day trips.

One day trips will be handled by our Pacific Islander and Mirage. Any and all of these trips are almost sure to load you down with all the fillets you can handle.

Whoppers of the week:

1) Larry Lewis from Pasadena caught a 20lb Lingcod on an overnight trip to Santa Rosa Island aboard the Pacific Islander.

2) Lisa Rizzo from Ventura caught a 24lb Yellowtail on a full day trip to Anacapa Islands aboard the Erna B.

3) Ron Briggs from Ojai caught a 20lb Yellowtail on a 3/4 day trip to Santa Cruz island aboard the Gentleman.

4) Bob Semerau with Western Outdoor News and a resident of Ventura caught a 27lb Yellowtail aboard the Aloha Spirit at Santa Cruz Island.

5) Kristen Santangelo from Thousand Oaks caught a 25lb White Seabass on a private charter aboard the Island Tak.

For current live bait information, current tackle recommendations or to book a spot, give us a call at 805-382-1612 or you can visit our online booking page, to reserve at your leisure.

Let’s Go Fishing!