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Great trip on the Pacific Islander – April 3, 2015

April 3, 2015

I had a “spectacular time” on the Friday “overnight” April 3rd trip on the Pacific Islander to San Miguel Island outer banks trip yesterday and brought home 13 huge fish including two 23 & 24 inch Ling Cods. I was lucky enough to bag 2 nice Vermillion which are my favorite fish in the sea! A “fat” White Fish, several Blue Rocks, a huge Grouper, 3 Copper Rocks and a San Dab which I left on my line that brought in one of the Copper Rocks! Thank you and a BIG SHOUT OUT to Captain Steve/Dan and the AWESOME Deck Hands Bryan & Sean who took such good care of me the whole time. Bryan, Sean AAAAAAND Captain Steve rushed to unhook and bag our fish, ran to get us anything we needed from the Galley and rigged my lines…Bryan even taught me a quicker way to tie a “double looper”!!! These guys detangle lines like a genius figures out a Rubicks Cube in record time! (there should be a contest for this craft) Cain’t wait to “HOOK” another trip on the Pacific Islander! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! Easter Sunday Fish Fry! Woot Woooooooot!

Torchy Burns, Pres. Que Down Corporation