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Whale Watching for Gray Whales

Whale Watching has also been good this year for Captain Robert Gray and the Ranger 85. They also have had limited days due to weather, but so far they have kept the streak alive. They have seen at least one Whale on every trip. So far, they have only seen Gray Whales and countless Common Dolphin, but this will change as the season progresses. Humpback Whales will soon start traveling through the area along with several other species like Blue Whales, Minke Whales, Fin Whales, and even Orca on occasion. There is plenty of time to come “Whaling” with the Ranger 85, as they will run trips daily until April 30th.

The Sand Dab fishing has been very good for Captain Don Rowell and the Gentleman this off-season. With limited days on the water due to weather, they were still able to catch thousands of Dabs. Although this fishery is not well known to most, there is a select few anglers that look forward to these trips. Sadly, these trips are coming to an end as January expires, so this weekend is your last chance to catch Sand Dabs aboard the Gentleman. There is much work to be done on the boat to be ready for the March 1st Rockfish opener.

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