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The weather was nice for fishing all of the Northern Channel Islands

Channel Islands Sportfishing Report –  3/22/19

The weather was nice for fishing all of the Northern Channel Islands. A couple overnight boats even fished San Nicolas and San Miguel Island, which tells how nice the weather was on those days. The sportboats are still bottom fishing in various depths, and catching outstanding quality. Many of the boats are testing the newly opened deep water spots but the shallows seem to still be biting best. Many captains say this depth change will not make much of a difference during the spring, but will be a big help in the fall.

For now, the sportboat captains are asking anglers to come prepared for any depth. Using mostly 12 ounce sinkers on local trips, and 16 ounce on overnight. However, they want anglers to have the big weights just in case.

On local morning trips, anglers are being asked to have up to 16 ounces in their tackle box. Overnight or outer island trips, they are asking anglers to bring up to 24 ounces. All the boats are bottom fishing for Sheephead, Whitefish, and a variety of Rockfish Species including Vermilion, Chucklehead, LingCod and Canary Rockfish.

One of the new rule changes many don’t know about is that anglers can keep two Canary Rockfish. For countless years, they were completely closed and off limits to keep. Last year they allowed one Canary per angler, per day. This year they upped it to allow anglers to keep two Canary per day!

Fishing boats are going out full on the weekends, but the week days are still rather mellow so there is plenty of room to roam.

Whale watching trips on the Ranger 85 also go out daily. They are seeing a lot of Gray Whales and even Humpback Whales right now. Much more than they saw early in the migration season.

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