You are currently viewing White Seabass Fishing Fever is on!

White Seabass Fishing Fever is on!

White Seabass Fishing Fever!
The very whisper of this species drives anglers into a fervor like no other.
A species of fish highly sought after and notorious for being here one day and gone the next.
Anglers anticipate their arrival each and every season, and those who endeavor to engage are ready to go when they bite.
These past few weeks, the eyes of the entire pacific coast are upon us as these game fish have been biting and producing impressive scores for anglers each and every day.
Limit catches are being made daily by our fleet here at Channel Islands Sportfishing, as well as fish tipping scales in the 40-50lb class.
Last week on a charter fishing the Ranger 85 at Santa Rosa, Octavio Hernandez from Fullerton landed a 52lb brute. 

White Seabass Ranger 85
A few days later on a two day trip onboard the Ranger 85, Joe Sarmiento poured the coals to a 46lb beast while making bait around midnight!
The Mirage has been consistently posting limits as well as the Pacific Islander these past few days on the outer island trips.

             Yellow Tail Channel Islands Sportfishing               White Seabass caught on the Mirage Channel Islands
The Sea Jay as well as Aloha Spirit, Cobra, Erna B, Island Tak and SeaBiscuit all returned this week with limit or near limit catches fishing the local spots.

White Seabass on the Erna B Channel Islands
White Seabass on the Seabiscuit

One lucky angler landed a 55 pounder on the Sea Jay!

White Seabass on the Sea Jay

  In addition to this spring time spectacular, schools of yellowtail are filtering through with a few hitting the deck. As the water starts to warm, look for these fish to settle in and start to bite. And

Don’t miss out. The bite is on! And bring the kids!

These past few weeks have some of the most exciting and productive trips we have had yet this season.
Check our complete schedule of trips available online here. Prime charter dates are available for your group as well.
See you onboard! Thanks for fishing with us!