Fishing Report and whoppers for week ending 6/5/16


1) Mary Thompson from Oxnard caught a 30lb White Seabass on a full day trip aboard the Island Tak.

2) Grace Ballestera from Canyon Country caught a 30lb White Seabass on a full day trip aboard the Cobra.

3) Cory Donahue (home town unknown) caught a 41lb Halibut on an overnight trip aboard the Seabiscuit.

4) Andy Huntley from Northridge caught a 20lb Sheephead on a full day trip aboard the Sea Jay.

5) Gerald Hartz (home town unknown) caught a 28lb White Seabass on a full day trip aboard the Sea Jay.

Sportfishing Report:

This week the fishing continued to pick up as White Seabass and Yellowtail are in our daily counts with regularity. The local islands are bringing in the bulk of the Seabass ranging from 20 to 30 pounds. The outer island or overnight boats are catching most of our Yellowtail. Both the full day and overnight boats are catching a mix of fish but the big game will continue to be the target species.

Calico Bass or bottom fishing for Rockfish and Lingcod is a good backup plan for the “down days”. Part of the reason we are able to stay on top of these fish is because of the great weather we are having. As the inland valleys are suffering in the heat we are sitting cool with mid 70’s temperatures with overcast skies. June gloom has definitely set in with fog blanketing the coast for the better part of the day. These conditions are keeping the ocean mellow as it will often do in the month of June.

Outlook for the month looks good with live squid being used for bait on all the boats. Some boats are even utilizing the Pelagic Red Crab that has proven to be a useful and plentiful bait source.

Other than the big game we are still experiencing great bottom fishing. Everything is biting, Whitefish and Sheephead in the shallows and Vermillion “Red Snapper” and Lingcod in the deeper water. The 3/4 day and 1/2 day boats are raking in big counts no matter how many lines are in the water. Again, the good weather and flat ocean has opened up fishing zones we don’t always get to go to.

Hopefully, these trends continue and this 2016 season will be one to remember. So far, its on track to be one of the best in many years.

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