You are currently viewing King Salmon while fishing for Rockfish?!?!

King Salmon while fishing for Rockfish?!?!

King Salmon while fishing for Rockfish?!?!


This week at the Channel Islands started out pretty good with the overnight boats catching limits of White Seabass plus some Yellowtail and Halibut.

King Salmon

Another notable catch was on a 3/4 day trip fishing the coast. Salmon are a rare and prized catch in this area, so even if one is caught its the talk of the town. Well, on Tuesday the first confirmed King Salmon was caught while fishing for Rockfish aboard the Gentleman. So now, not only are the boats looking for Seabass, some are also looking for Salmon. It’s been over a decade since the last big Salmon run in these parts, so it’s very overdue.


In any case, rockfishing at both the inner and outer islands has been very good. Rockfish and others like Whitefish and Lingcod are great eating and rather easy to catch for any skill level. Until the Seabass resurface, the boats will always find something for anglers to pull on around here. And when the Seabass do return, be ready to book and book often. Spots fill extremely fast as space is limited on overnight and full day trips.


1) Danny McFarland from Oxnard, caught a 15lb White Seabass on the Mirage.

2) Anne Levinson from Oxnard, caught a 18lb King Salmon on the Gentleman.

3) Robert Danelen from Sherman Oaks, caught a 10lb Lingcod on the Aloha Spirit. 

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