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Rockfishing and White Seabass in the Channel Islands

Channel Islands Sportfishing Report

Rockfishing continues to be excellent and the White Seabass showed up again.

White Seabass Fishing

This past week the White Seabass action was slow but picked up some by the weekend.  This is the time of year that anglers come hoping to catch White Seabass, Halibut and Yellowtail.

Although the boats have caught some already this year, the Yellowtail don’t usually bite until the early summer. So, the fact that the boats have caught any is simply a bonus.

As for the White Seabass, boats have been seeing schools of them everywhere. This weekend, they popped up again. We will see how this next week progresses. 


The bottom fishing at the Channel Islands is almost always epic. Good quality Rockfish reported on local day trips, as well as overnight trips to the outer islands.

White Seabass Channel Islands IGFA Weigh Station

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