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White Seabass at Channel Islands Sportfishing – 2012

Seabass 2012

This is the time of year when the angler has to really sit back, look at what’s going on and just go fishing.
I am one of the fortunate who have made a living on the water and am still on the water daily.
My days of late may be filled with Whale trips, but in just a few days we will be hard at it once again sniffing up seabass around the islands or chasing tuna offshore.
We have seen some phenomenal scores on the seabass and still see good signs of fish. Bait is in good supply and the weather is near perfect.
What’s the problem?
The counts come and go, and the angler thinks the bite is over.
Far from it.
Keep in mind they can’t bite limit style every day. There still exists good amounts of seabass around and as the water warms a bit, these fish like us, get a little stir crazy when the mercury rises in the thermometer.
Then, all hell breaks loose and they bite is off the chain.

Take Alex for instance on the Coral Sea. These guys are on the water every day and see changing conditions and not the way these fish are responding to conditions.

They see these fish sometimes in an unsettled mode and other times firmly dug in swarming an area of bait. At this writing, the guys have noted good bodies of fish in several areas and that tells us this is not going to end any time soon.

Take advantage of one of the best seasons on record for seabass. Many anglers fish their entire lives without ever engaging this highly sought after game fish. Now is the time…it’s summer.

Take a day, go fishing and experience what you’ve been reading about online.

See you onboard!

Captain Frank