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Hot August Nights And Hot August Bites

Hot August Nights And Hot August Bites

For all the anglers who watch the fish counts closely, the month of July did not disappoint. The white seabass and halibut bite was on fire and the weather decided to play along for an epic month of fishing. Anticipate August to produce similar results for the angler looking for that trophy fish.

Big biscuits, barn-door halibut and speedy yellows are all on the menu for August. Water temperature starts to peak in August providing the stamina needed for these feisty fish to go wide open. Lets hope for a few tropical storms and a consistent south swell come August, these weather patterns push up warm water often bringing in exotic species with it.

One of the most exciting fish to anticipate catching this August is the fast & furious bonito. These little tuna are known to make an appearance in late summer early fall, and they arrive in force. Typically weighing an average of 8lbs with fish often seen in the 12-15lb ranges, bonito are not only a challenge on light line but are also a blast to catch on top water jigs like a Tady 45 or a Salas light.

Summer is also a great time to take a kid fishing!

Every Friday in August, kids 15 years and under ride free with one full fare on the Gentleman at 6am and the Speed Twin at 8am. We also offer ½ off the full fare on the Gentleman and Speed Twin every Saturday for our active duty military personnel. We never forget our seasoned anglers, 55 and older gets you $10 off our 5am, 6am, 7am and 8am boats Monday – Friday. The season has been good to us so far, lets hope the epic fishing continues through August.

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