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Big Yellowtail, California Halibut and White Seabass!

Great fishing this past week!

Whoppers for the week of 9/27/2014

Bill Secor from Simi Valley caught a 50lb white seabass on the Aloha Spirit

Brian Wortham from Ojai caught a 44lb halibut on the Erna B

Nester Murrillo from Oxnard caught a 48lb halibut on the Sea Jay

Shane Sanchez from Newbury Park caught a 46lb halibut on the Pacific Islander.

    The 2014 season continues to get better and better with each passing week, culminating into a full blown wide open yellowtail bite with mixed white seabass and california halibut. This past week began with the best yellowtail bite of the year on fish averaging 25 pounds, up to 30 pounds. No small fish in the mix and several anglers found themselves under gunned fishing too liight a line. We quickly communicated tackle needs to our anglers and the catch rate stabilized, minimizing casualties. Any boat leaving the dock at or before 6 o’clock in the morning had a serious chance to have the entire boat “bent” on quality yellows. By mid week the conditions on the fishing grounds changed with water temps dropping and color going from clear blue to off color green. You would think this would completely shut fishing off, but it did not. Instead of straight yellowtail our anglers were hooking up on 50 pound white seabass and 30 to 40 pound halibut. Unfortunately at the end of the week the winds picked up beyond uncomfortable levels and we could not fish that spot. Saturday the winds blew so hard we ended up cancelling our boats, not even getting off the dock. Fortunately, this condition will be short lived, and we will be back out on the water by the end of the weekend.
    From offshore fishing for yellowfin tuna to a local bite for big yellows and now maybe seabass and halibut making a come back, this season just wont let up. For sure one for the record books, but its not over yet! We still have unseasonably warm water and a bounty of fish at the Channel Islands. An exciting time to be a fisherman, to say the least!Read all articles in Fish Reports