You are currently viewing El Nino 2015 is bringing in the exotic fish to Channel Islands

El Nino 2015 is bringing in the exotic fish to Channel Islands

Sportfishing Report for Channel Islands Sportfishing week ending 9/6/15

Striped Marlin Channel Islands Sportfishing El Nino 2015

Whoppers of the Week:
1) Steve Fleischer from Oxnard caught a 37lb Yellowtail on the Erna B.
2) Chris Plank from Thousand Oaks caught a 31lb Yellowtail on the Island Tak.
3) Christian Hanson from Malibu caught a 35lb Yellowtail on the Cobra.
4) Ian Young from Los Angeles caught a 12lb Bonito on the Speed Twin.
5) Richardo Holden from Oxnard caught a 24lb Yellowtail on the Aloha Spirit

El Nino 2015 is in full swing as we started off red hot in this new month. September is usually a great fishing month here at the Northern Channel Islands, but reports of true exotics are coming in daily from not only our boats but the private fleet as well. Our I.G.F.A weigh station has been extremely busy with everyone fishing for Yellowtail and Tuna. The largest fish weighed in this week was a Striped Marlin caught by a private boater.The fish was 9ft long and weighed in at 137lbs dressed.

There have also been reports of Yellowfin Tuna and even Wahoo caught at and around Santa Barbara Island. The water temperatures are about 75 degrees and fish are pushing up from the south every day.

The weather has been outstanding and we are seeing record numbers of anglers fishing the Northern Channel Islands. The upcoming weeks are going to be very interesting but the long term outlook looks even more promising. Nobody around here will be surprised if we start seeing boats catching Tuna with regularity in the months of October and November.

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