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Fish of a Lifetime – White Seabass caught on the Gentleman

July 3, 2014 We had a fantastic experience deep sea fishing last Thursday, July 3 on the Gentleman 3/4 day excursion boat.  It was my wife’s first time ocean fishing, and as soon as we arrived at our first fishing spot I baited her hook with squid and she dropped her (rented pole) line in and I had just dropped my line in, when she had a tug that she said was too hard to reel in, we traded poles and when I took her pole the fish was swimming away and Eddy, the deckhand, came right away and cleared the way for me to stay on it, and Eddy gaffed it onto the deck where we would later discover the weight of the White Sea Bass was 45lbs! His experience really was appreciated even though I’ve been fishing since I was 5 years old and I’m 66 now.  As Eddy said, “It’s the fish of a lifetime!”    

 After the Captain, which he deserves accollades as well, for finding good fishing spots said we should get it measured and weighed,  Eddy filleted it, which was no easy task, and he gave us the headstones that your galley hands told us about how they make a nice memento.  You can always learn something new with each fishing trip.   I would also like to thank Richard  the deckhand for his helpfulness and thoughtfulness, especially taking my pole my wife was left with when I left to bring in our White Bass.  He must have noticed that she was trying to see what was happening and he came over to her so she could go and watch what the action was and photograph our catch. He also tightened the rented reel on her pole during the day, too when he saw it had come loose.  I have fished out of Ciscos for many years, teaching all three of our now adult daughters to fish, and they still love it to this day!  My wife loves fishing too and I call her my Lucky Charm!Thanks again Eddy and Richard, the Captain and the crew for a memorable day!
Best wishes,
Chris and Jenni Scott

P.S. The white sea bass melts in your mouth!  We had a big 4th of July feast at our home!