You are currently viewing Fish Report for Channel Islands Sportfishing 3/19/17

Fish Report for Channel Islands Sportfishing 3/19/17

Fish Report for Channel Islands Sportfishing

Fish Report:

This weeks fish report – Bottom fishing is still the name of the game around these parts. It’s been consistent to put it simply but this week we were pleasantly surprised by an increase in the size of the fish coming up.

The Rockfish are still “assorted” species but we are seeing a higher percentage of Reds otherwise known as “Red Snapper” being caught. Not only are we seeing more Reds but they are better quality too. Last week, our average locally caught Red Snapper was 1-3 pounds but this week they are between 3-5 pounds. A huge increase in size.

Also, this week our local island boats caught twice as many Lingcod as they did in the previous weeks. No obvious sign as to why these changes occurred. Water temperatures are still lingering in the mid 50’s and the weather has been stable. The only thing that comes to mind is the moon cycle. This can sometimes greatly effect fishing and maybe this is why we’ve seen better fishing this week.

This week we did not catch any Yellowtail but we did catch several Bonito at the oil platforms. Not small Bonito either, these fish are averaging 5 pounds with some larger models pushing 8 pounds. For those of you who know, these are nice sized “Bones” and will test any anglers skill.

Overall, fishing has simply been fun and productive. A great time to bring your youngster or someone who doesn’t fish much. Fishing is always fun but there is no doubt it’s always better when you bring home a bounty of fish to share with family, friends or your neighbors.

Whoppers of the Week:

1) Ted Cotter from Long Beach caught a 18lb Lingcod on the Erna B.

2) Steve Rich from Ventura caught a 19lb Lingcod on the Seabiscuit.

3) Axel Enriquez from Oxnard caught a 15lb Lingcod on the Aloha Spirit.

4) Paul Bappu from Oxnard caught a 13lb Lingcod on the Gentleman.

5) Jay Miller from Bakersfield caught a 12lb Lingcod on the Pacific Islander.

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