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Yellowtail fishing in February in the Channel Islands

Channel Islands Sportfishing Center “Cisco’s”

Whopper of the Week:
Cody Holder from Ojai caught a 28lb Yellowtail on the Erna B 3/4 day trip with Captain Mike Riddell

Fishing Report:
First week of February behind us and fishing is still strong at the Channel Islands. Everyone is normally getting ready for the upcoming Rockfish Opener on March 1st, but some never stopped fishing. Why would they when you can still go out and catch a nice Yellowtail or have a fun filled day catching Bonito on Jigs!

Here at Cisco’s we are currently running Full Day and 3/4 Day trips both targeting shallow water fish at the Islands or Coast. The Yellows didn’t bite much this week, but boy did they make a showing on the sonar. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the captains were kept frustrated by solid marks under the boat all day. Fish are there, they just wont bite! Not to say some weren’t caught, but considering the amount of fish seen it should have been epic!

Hopes are still high for the upcoming week and some anglers are reluctant to change there tackle boxes over to Rockfish gear. March 1st is right around the corner and whether you like it or not it’s time to get ready!

Our schedule is posted here!