Yellowtail fishing, White Seabass fishing and more at Channel Islands Sportfishing

Whopper’s of the Week:
1) Caitlin Denney from Valencia CA. caught a 29lb Yellowtail while fishing on the Cobra.

2) Matt Villanueva from Camarillo CA. caught a 34lb Yellowtail while fishing on the Aloha Spirit.

3) Adreas Chavez from Oxnard CA. caught a 23lb White Seabass while fishing on the Ranger 85.

4) Raffi Kechichion from Pasadena CA. caught a 25lb White Seabass while fishing on the Cobra.

5) Trey Campbell from Oxnard CA. caught a 36lb Yellowtail while fishing on the Pacific Islander.

Yet another busy week here at Cisco’s with game fish biting solid for both the inner and outer island fleet. Toward the beginning into the middle of the week it seemed the season was going to blow up with local island Yellowtail eating the surface jig on command. Early morning boats like the Cobra, Sea Jay, Island Tak and Aloha Spirit were loading up on Yellowtail ranging from 22-35 pounds. The hot jig has got to be the Salas 7x lite in three colors. Mint and Scrambled Egg colors have been the hottest with others like Green Sardine otherwise known as “Bird Shit” catching fish too! At the outer islands, the overnight boats seemed to have a solid grip on the White Seabass bite. Boats like the Mirage, Pacific Islander and Seabiscuit catching most of the fish. On Father’s Day the overnight boats got into a Yellowtail bite at the outer islands at a secret location. Mixing in some big Halibut and a bunch of Big Reds and other Rockfish, the overnight trip’s are going to be hard to beat with a mixed bag consisting of Seabass, Yellows and the quality bottom fishing they always seem to have.

We have had live squid on the boats for bait all week. Over the weekend we even had our boat boat “Traveler” come in and load the receivers with the “Candy” for private boaters.

When booking your upcoming trip, make sure to ask one of our representatives about tackle requirements for your specific trip so you’re sure to have the right equipment when the fish bite. This is already turning out to be an epic year and we aren’t even half way through it!

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